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Women and STEM Careers

Women and STEM Careers

If today were any indicator, if some far-fetched, super-science future world were to one day appear, only men would have those careers. It may be an exaggeration, but it points to how many women are deprived of this field for societal reasons, and even if they enter, they are not given that level of importance that men are.

How are Women Dominating the STEM field?

However, recent times have seen a paradigm shift in the STEM field. Below we have discussed how the atmosphere is changing drastically for women:

  • More Research Teams are Being Led by Women:

In some of the world’s biggest universities, more and more women are being included in the faculty, and they are also leading large groups for research in various fields of science and tech. It is very good news for us because including women at the top level will also encourage inclusion at lower levels.

  • Their Credibility is Being Acknowledged

If you visit the world from 100 years ago, hopefully through a time machine built by a woman, you will notice how much their opinions were disregarded back then. They weren’t taken seriously, and nothing they’d say would be considered important. However, now the social climate is changing, and their opinion is being held as important as men.

  • They are Standing Toe to Toe with Men

When it comes to teaching, learning, and research, women are by no means behind men. If anything, in various fields, their performance is even better, and with time we shall hear more success stories from them. Now the times for seeing just men at the front lines are about over because the competition has become tougher for them.

The Future of Women in STEM

Considering the changes, the future of women in STEM seems to bring. Now, we can hope for a cyberpink world with a lot of women too. Details discussed below:

No Difference Between them and Men would Exist

Although things have already changed a lot, as we already discussed above, the stark differences and occasional discrimination can still be seen. However, in the future, this would completely change, and a time would come where the consideration of a STEM professional being a “man” or a “woman” would need not be made. This gives us hope for a brighter and more equal future.

They Will Have Their Own Unique Contribution

If we go back to the time when women were complete excluded from STEM, just think about how many great minds and big thinkers have been victims of silence, subjugation, and dogma. Imagine how much the world would have progress if those minds had been allowed to contribute and share their ideas. Nevertheless, with more inclusion, the world will not be deprived of that anymore.

Final Thoughts

With shows like Cyberpink, and with more representation of women in STEM, will also open doors for the uplifting of other marginalized communities. With just one step at a time, we all, as a collective society, will go a long way.