Historical Timeline of the Events of Cyberpink



This is a simplified timeline of historical events leading up to “The Unexplained Lunar Events of 2246,” inextricably linked with the events of Cyberpink.

A longer historical summary can be found here.

22nd Century

2100s – Near-side moon colonized and domed, under human control

2137 – CLOCK STOP / END OF THE “AGE OF AGE” Humans’ biological clocks are stopped by the Synths, in what is seen as their First Great Accomplishment. As a result, it becomes legal for any human to electively stop aging once they reach 26.

2140s – The Synths’ Second Great Accomplishment is the End of  Scarcity: they make food synthesizers and optimize the economy so every Citizen gets a guaranteed income. In their Third Great Accomplishment, Synths improve space travel with new, faster engine designs.

2166 – Rise of Supermetaphysics, via the systemwide Synth best seller, The Incubator Universe by Leaf Eggleston Yzaguirre Caxias.

2170 – Gravitation is mastered in the Synths’ Fourth Great Accomplishment, which allows for terraforming via gravitation-producing nanites; cars fly; streets become gravways

2170 – Studios move to Far Side, 75 years before CP

23rd Century

2210 – YEAR OF THE CITIZEN / Citizenship Test is adopted for AIs, for all rights except right to vote. Synths also given Citizenship under same terms, 100 years after first appearance. Animals also declared “Silent Citizens.”

2215 – Terraforming begun, 115 years after domed colonies widespread

25-year process:
• Gravitational nanites introduced
• Atmosphere generated with molecule generators
• Water brought in

2233 – Sam born March 6

2240 – Terraforming complete, 25 years later
• Vegetation is patchy on both sides, still very arid
• Wealthy people, anticipating the land rush, have purchased large tracts on land on the former Far Side, and other parts are designated nature preserves
• People occupying the lowlands, now oceans, have been granted plots of land on the Far Side, but some don’t want to move since goods and services are still scarce
• Robot quasi-citizens and lower income humans have come to live on the Near Side, settling near established, recently undomed settlements

2245 – Girls move to Luna in September

2246 – Events of the series

2250 – Robots get vote

2250 – Mars terraforming begins

2260 – First Synths elected (before given right to vote)

2271 – Re-Youthing

Terraformed moon map

Nubium-Nectaris, the area around New Hollywood where the events take place, as depicted in Marky’s “Pirate Map” style

Moon Terraforming GIF in Cyberpink

Lunar Terraforming in Cyberpink and RNWY

Terraformed Mars around Valles Marineris circa 2201

Terraformed Mars around Valles Marineris, 2201 (from Vox Wormhall)

Terraformed Mars around Valles Marineris circa 2300

Terraformed Mars around Valles Marineris, 2300 (from Vox Wormhall)