Stacyÿ sings for Cyberpink.


Real name: Stacy Björn Shivali

(Warning: This bio includes small spoilers for Cyberpink.)

L’s little sister Stacyÿ is the “baby” of her family and the group, a role she enjoys, in spite of only being one year younger than the rest.

Although she can appear fragile — enjoying playing the “helpless” card for those willing to indulge her — like her sister she is surprisingly resilient, and can display unexpected ferocity when pushed. Like L she is highly intelligent, even as her silly sense of humor earned her the nickname “Spacy Stacy” back in high school.

Stacyÿ has a deep heart, taking flack throughout high school for her since-childhood boyfriend Ethan, a robot. (Although human-robot relationships are increasingly common, they are still looked down upon by some).

Although she was the catalyst for the events that led to the group’s near-suspension, she was not directly involved, though she was punished equally: a fact she never brings up out of extreme loyalty to the others.