Predictions in Science Fiction that Came True (and Didn’t)

Predictions in Science Fiction that Came True (and Didn’t)

Science fiction for a long time has been a source of entertainment for us. We like to imagine a world that is unlike ours. The struggles characters must go through, e.g., in a cyberpink setting, certainly add drama and fun to science fiction. However, sci-fi also acts as a key that unlocks our potential. It starts from our imagination and may end up as a reality.

3 Sci-Fi Predictions That Came True

Here are some interesting predictions made by science fiction that came true:

  1. Video Calls

Video calls or conferences have been shared in several science fiction films, the most prominent of them being in “2001: The Space Odyssey”. Back then, it was regarded to be a very strange but unique concept, but people today surely take it for granted. With the introduction of VR, we may have even gone a step beyond that.

  1. Self-Driving Cars

Cars that drive on their own have been common in many movies and anime in the pre-90s. However, that is turning into a reality now. Leading organizations, such as Tesla, and making big progress in this domain, and it seems like every single one of us would be using them in a few years.

  1. Travel to Moon

In 1865, a novel titled From Earth to the Moon was published, written by Jules Verne. It showed three Americans traveling to the moon and shared a series of adventures they went through. While obviously, not everything took place, the story’s basic crux (or purpose) came true.

3 Sci-Fi Predictions That Didn’t

Here are some predictions made by science fiction that did not come true:

  • Flying Cars

Flying cars is a concept that was widely used in all science fiction. From anime like ‘Dragon Ball’ to dystopian cyberpink films like Blade Runner. It was that one theme people were looking forward to. But unfortunately, that never happened. We all have only one question for the engineers, ‘WHY?’

  • Time Travel

Time travel is a fascinating concept, and we would all surely love to have that. But if we have to be honest to ourselves, we all know how devastating that could be. Let us take a simple test case: imagine everyone travels to their past to correct their mistakes or get over their regret. That would be truly catastrophic. In the long run, most would be glad that it never happened.

  • Civilizations in Space Station

Most of us surely must have watched Wall-E? The idea of humans living at a space station after causing irreversible damage to the earth, or movies like Elysium where the rich have escaped leaving the poor to rot. These concepts give humanity an insight into what their actions could lead to, but so far, it does not seem like we will be living in a world like that any soon.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you sit down to watch science fiction, your mind might keep telling you, “This is not possible!” Do not trust your mind. Such thoughts were shared in the past, too but ended up as a reality. The chances may be bleak, but we could always end up in a cyberpink world.