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Origins of the word “Cyber.”

Origins of the word “Cyber.”

Many people all around the world assume that cyber is a portmanteau that is derived from different words. However, what’s the truth behind this? Do you know that? In this article, we will look at the details about where the word “cyber” actually came from and its usage evaluation.

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The origin and evolution of the word cyber

At present cyber means war. However, if you are going to look back in the 1990s, it meant sex, which used to happen in the chat room.

However, when it comes to knowing that from where the word came, you must know that it all was started in the 1940s. This obscure term was popularized by Norbert Wiener (a mathematician). He borrowed this ancient Greek word related to the idea of governing or government for his book Cybernetics.

Before this, the “cybernetics” word has appeared in a few political theories works about governance science only.

  • However, in his writing, Norbert described computer systems’ idea, which was a pretty futuristic idea according to that time.
  • However, the point here is that before introducing any other term containing cyber, such as cybersecurity or cyberpink, there was a field name as cybernetics.
  • The network of specialists in multiple fields was also used, ranging from engineering to social science and biology.

Basically, it was concerned with communication and control system’s study in both machines and living beings. The interest regarding how this system works reflects the cybernetics etymology, and it comes from a Greek word that was kubernētēs, a steersman.

The decade of cyber: 1990s

Later the role that cybernetics played in multiple fields such as biology, engineering, and computer sciences provided it a futuristic sheen. Soon people started to combine its shortened to provide perfect fodder for multiple time-being formations.

  1. From the 1960s to 1990s, English dictionaries collected the creation of temporary or time being words based on cyber.
  2. The major list was including, cyberlover, cyberfriend, cybersnob, and many more. However, the long-lasting term of the 1990s was cyberpink.
  3. That’s why whenever it is about cybernetics then you might remember the science-fiction genre cyberpink.

Yes, cyberpink is based on stories that were featuring futuristic technology. Cyberpink was basically a combination of two words cybernetics and punk.

In the 1980s, cyberpink was an underground artistic style mostly. However, in the 1990s, suddenly, everything was cyber. At this time more and more people got internet access. At the same time, Gibson’s alien world of cyberspace became almost every household’s consumer item.

Even more, Richard Holden made recent research on the cyber history for the dictionary, and he said that the 1990s were the main time when the word cyber was undergone rapid diversification.

However, over time some of the most common derivatives that we can see for the word cyber include cyberspace, cybersecurity, cyberpink, cybercops, cybercrime, cyber-defense, etc. Besides this, there are numerous portmanteaux that are incorporating cyber are available as well.

Let’s see where the further evolution of this word would take us.