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Maya plays keyboards in Cyberpink.


Real name: Maya Savanna Xochitl

(Warning: This bio includes small spoilers for Cyberpink.)

Normally well-rounded, level-headed, and responsible, Maya was on track for academic success until she completely destroyed her college admission chances.

When Maya’s now-deceased mother developed a common heart condition, her mother refused to accept a lab-grown replacement, preferring to “join” her true love and wife, killed in a grav-failure hiking accident years before. 

Distraught — and to encourage her mother to accept the simple medical procedure — Maya began buying her mother ever-more extravagant trips, gifts, and leaving her notes.

To raise money for the gifts, Maya created a temporary and lucrative business writing academic papers for the rich debs.

When a deb saw Maya hanging out with L, she sent anonymous proof of what Maya had done to the principal’s office, effectively destroying Maya’s academic reputation. 

Her “Achilles heel” is any fear that she’ll let the group down.