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Infiniti plays synthtar / programming in Cyberpink.

Real name: Veronica Adaku-Lachlan

(Warning: This bio includes small spoilers for Cyberpink.)

Infiniti is the daughter of two famous scientists: Nobel-winning physicist Dr. Adamma Adaku (her mother), and Dr. Duncan Lachlan, a nanosurgeon (a highly specialized doctor who programs nanobots to cure disease).

After her older brother — on track to become a famous scientist himself — died of a rare disease her father was unable to cure, her parents retreated into the whirlwind of their careers, filled with talks and book-signings.

They are extremely disappointed in how Infiniti tarnished her academic future with the graduation “stunt” that made college admission difficult in spite of near-perfect grades.

Infiniti absorbed a wealth of knowledge from her parents, and her outsized technical and scientific abilities landed her an assistant role with Dr. Corbyn Vaughn on Luna, her only path to professional redemption.