Cyberpink Style, Fashion, and Clothing

Cyberpink Style, Fashion, and Clothing

The cyberpink world means emergence of a fan culture committed to the expansion of this genre. It is exactly how cyberpink events, cosplay, and plenty of products, accessories, and merchandise are associated with the numerous cyberpink stories born in both television and cinema.

With the above clear, this is the time for you to know more about the style, fashion, and clothing of cyberpink and understand their key elements.

A guide to cyberpink fashion, style, and clothing

Cyberpink fashion is all about high tech wear heavily influenced by television and cinema productions of this genre, including The Matrix, Blade Runner, Mnemonic. Even more, cyberpink fashion is also interpreted as a futuristic gothic fashion.

However, most commonly, the cyberpink style includes boots, trench coats, colored dreads, and shiny black clothing.

Key elements of cyberpink style

Let’s have a look at some of the most important style elements of cyberpink to get to know more about this with ease:

Sleek Silhouette

Use a sleek silhouette to show your strength and not let the baggy clothes diffuse your confidence.

Keep your stuff flexible, strong yet vulnerable. It is because delicate and sheer fabrics can add a unique strength to the overall look. At the same time, materials like leather can easily add a badass look. You must ensure to be flexible and resilient at the same time.

Bold color palette

If black is your top favorite color, then it is well and good. It is because black color is a perfect base color for any cyberpink wardrobe style as it is confident, mysterious, bold, powerful, and versatile.

However, on the other hand, white can also be a bold and powerful color to consider here. Both of these colors evoke thoughts of futurism and high-tech. You can also consider some passionately powerful colors like red to evoke thoughts of bold, danger, sensuality, as it can give energy and life to any other color easily.

Other than this, neon colors will also look excellent with moderation. You can pair these colors with white or black to create a powerful and optimistic look.

Hair and makeup

Hairs are commonly kept short mainly because of their practicality, with buzzes and undercuts, which are common on all genders. However, when it comes to cyberpink makeup style, it is more of a distinct war-paint style with facial recognition camouflages.


Accessories like high-tech watches and downright mirrored sunglasses have become more of a style. Recent high-tech glasses and watches are coming in sleek yet rugged and tricky-to-read interfaces.


There are three different categories of tattoos in this genre including:

  • UV tattoos (these are the kind of tattoos that usually show up under a black light)
  • Circuit-like blackwork
  • Geometric

These tattoos are commonly intended to mimic cybernetics.

Final Thoughts

It seems like, in the future of cyberpink, fashion and style would be a major thing. What you will wear is going to determine everything about you. However, it is as much art as a skill when it comes to the cyberpink style of clothing.