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Cyberpink Book Series is on Audible!

Cyberpink Book Series is on Audible!

The Cyberpink book series is on Audible!

Here’s the latest excerpt from Cyberpink #1: Get Crunched! 🙂


Green stars squirmed as if in pain.

Comets shot forward, rewound, became diseased-looking and monstrous, snapped back to normal.

The endless expanse between stars was filled with quadrillions of shifting purple blobs, each with a malformed head connected by a squirming, sickly stalk like a length of small intestine.

The blobs spasmed, emitting radio-wave shrieks, like a howling wind, or screams of the damned.

Three of the blobs gathered around a shifting purple tunnel.

The tunnel was filled with spiraling smoke and lit by constellations of linked explosions like synapses. At the far end of the tunnel, barely visible, empty space: cold, black, and delicious.

The three creatures flickered; played forward and in reverse, shrieking and changing slightly with each loop.

“The machine … works!” said the first.

“Time!” marveled the second.

“Delicious,” said the third.

The creatures twitched; seemed to grow sleepy.

“The machine … works,” said the first less energetically, as if losing its train of thought.

“Deliciou —” began the third.

The three creatures stopped.

The tunnel grew fainter, smaller. Vanished.

They rewound.

The first being wailed. “No time. No time.”

“When will the machine be ready,” cried the second.

“Hurts,” said the third.

The three rewound again. Spasmed. Again the tunnel.

“The machine … works!” said the first creature.

“Time!” marveled the second.

“Delicious,” said the third.

“How many times —” said the first.

It seemed to lose its train of thought.

“Quickly!” said the second. “Quickly!”

They moved toward the tunnel.

As though sensing their motion, the tunnel grew larger.

Soon countless of the beings were whispering, moving toward the tunnel, beyond which was a startlingly brilliant blue-green planet, orbited by a blue-green moon.

“New time!” said another of the beings.

“Delicious!” said many more.