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Cyberpink #2: Butt-Abs Life is now on Amazon!

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Cyberpink #2: Butt-Abs Life is now on Amazon!

Yep, Cyberpink #2: Butt-Abs Life is on Amazon, available for both Kindle and in paperback. Haven’t read Cyberpink #1 yet? No worries, it also includes all of CP 1, making it an easy way to catch up with what’s happening with the gang thus far.

In Episode 2, the CP girls go to a cheesy mall, meet with Mickey Rat, and embark on a hair-raising adventure. Plus Stacyÿ’s getting butt-abs.

(Oh, It’s also on Goodreads!)

Wondering what exactly you’re in for? Check out this review from Shaylene King, founder of The Mean Girl Extinction Project:

“I look for resources that help build strong, confident girls. This book is super creative … fun, and witty. … Great reasoning and working through issues that come their way.”

See the whole Cyberpink book series on Amazon here.

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