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Artwork for Cyberpink #3

Marky, robot girl from Cyberpink

Artwork for Cyberpink #3

More artwork by Samuel Bermudez.

Featuring: Marky

Real name:

Marky is a newer bioplastic model, constructed 15 years ago by her human parents back on Earth using a license that took 50 years to approve.

She used to run a DigiBasic-language lifestyle blog for robots, as she is fluent in DigiBasic and even knows some Digix, the untranslatable AI-only language.

When her parents moved to Mars, she decided to move to Luna to start a Love is Grind franchise, which she was planning to expand to include an Androidorama, an emporium for robots.

However, now that the ARC is causing trouble, she’s decided to become an IPS, an “independent professional spy.” (Or as L calls it, “a professional snoop.”)