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This is Cyberpink®.

An All-Ages Sci-Fi Comedy/Adventure

Cyberpink® on stage
Cyberpink® on stage / Art by Francis Taylor
Cyberpink® on stage
Art by Francis Taylor

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Cyberpink® is a band, book series, and TV series, coming soon to a … TV. Near you. Because basically that’s how TV works.

In New Hollywood on the terraformed moon, a struggling all-girl band must find the cause of a string of disappearances that are pitting humans against robots.

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Hey, this is Maya, you’ve reached our new site! We’re adding new show dates here in New Hollywood Luna, and some in Descartes. We also want to play Nectaris, so if anyone has a beach place we can crash, let us know! Also Stacyÿ says please send snacks as soon as we get our new luna P.O. box up and running. We love all you guys!

Recent Praise for the Novel

“I look for resources that help build strong, confident girls. This book is super creative … fun, and witty. … Great reasoning and working through issues that come their way.” – Shaylene King, founder of The Mean Girl Extinction Project

Pilot Feedback from WeScreenplay

WeScreenplay Feedback for Cyberpink Pilot-1

Cyberpink® News

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Even as the latest Cyberpink TV episode takes shape, we’re working on the new novel, which will be released by a major publisher TBA. Meanwhile, here’s a cool and fun concept cover by GermanCreative using artwork by the incredible Francis Taylor....

With love from the 23rd century. In this amazing video, Ethan talks to Stacyÿ and a bunch of other stuff happens and it’s confusing but we kind of love it maybe. Art by Samuel Bermudez....

Sneak Peek Artwork: Ethan at Love is Grind Stacyÿ’s robotic from-childhood boyfriend Ethan, 20, is a newer “bioplastic” model birthed by human parents. Loathe to stir up trouble or bring attention to himself, Ethan is widely known as a “normal dude,” spending most days at......