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This is Cyberpink®.

An All-Ages Sci-Fi Comedy/Adventure

All of the Cyberpink® girls together
The Cyberpink Girls / Art by Francis Taylor
Cyberpink® on stage
Cyberpink® on stage

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Cyberpink┬« is a band, novel (to come), and TV series, coming soon to a … TV. Near you. Because basically that’s how TV works.

In New Hollywood on the terraformed moon, a struggling all-girl band must find the cause of a string of disappearances that are pitting humans against robots.

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Hey, this is Maya, you’ve reached our new site! We’re adding new show dates here in New Hollywood Luna, and some in Descartes. We also want to play Nectaris, so if anyone has a beach place we can crash, let us know! Also Stacy├┐ says please send snacks as soon as we get our new luna P.O. box up and running. We love all you guys!

Recent Praise for the Serial

“I look for resources that help build strong, confident girls. The story is super creative … fun, and witty. ÔÇŽ Great reasoning and working through issues that come their way.ÔÇŁ – Shaylene King, founder of The Mean Girl Extinction Project

Pilot Feedback from WeScreenplay

WeScreenplay Feedback for Cyberpink Pilot-1
Cyberpink® film festival

Art: Francis Taylor 

Cyberpink® News

What’s happening in the Cyberpink┬« universe? Read about it here!

  • New artwork composite by Francis Taylor. xx  ...

  • How do the Cyberpink┬« girls, their manager Jexxica Milligan (formerly of Sparklepuff Records), and Jexxica’s prot├ęg├ę Declan, get around? Why in the Cyberpink Van, of course! (Okay, it’s the Sparkle Van, with a repaint by Stacy├┐). With a rear wraparound sofa, seating for 8-10, and......

  • Now you can enjoy the smooth, delicious taste of CRUNCH COLA, whether you’re a robot, or a human, or … maybe even a robot-human. Whatever. Just Drink It.Ôäó Art: Samuel Bermudez.  ...

  • More artwork by Samuel Bermudez. For those following the development of @CyberpinkMusic, a lot of fun stuff is happening. First, hereÔÇÖs some new artwork from @samsamberm showing the CP girls kicked out of SpendyÔÇÖs. This (among other artwork) will be going into a new music......

  • Have no fear, Stacy├┐ is here! When the Cyberpink Girls start to worry about their music career, Stacy├┐ is on it with her entrepreneurial ideas! To wit: CHAIR PANTS! “Are you tired of seeing chairs that arenÔÇÖt wearing any pants? Well, thanks to Cyberpink’s new......

  • The Sparkle Van was designed for the Von Blonde girls (and other artists signed to Sparklepuff Records) to travel from show-to-show. However, as the VB girls apparently don’t enjoy being in enclosed spaces together for extended periods of time, the van mostly sits idle on......