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This is Cyberpink.

An All-Ages Sci-Fi Comedy/Adventure

Cyberpink is a book series and TV series, coming soon to a … TV. Near you. Because basically that’s how TV works.

What happens when a failed rock band takes a stand against racism? In New Hollywood on the terraformed moon, a struggling all-girl band must find the cause of a string of disappearances that are pitting humans against robots.

Hey, this is Maya, you’ve reached our new site! We’re adding new show dates here in New Hollywood Luna, and some in Descartes. We also want to play Nectaris, so if anyone has a beach place we can crash, let us know! Also Stacy每 says please send snacks as soon as we get our new luna P.O. box up and running. We love all you guys!

Maya (Keyboards)
Infiniti (Crunchtar / Programming)
Eva (Drums)
Stacy每 (Vocals)
L (Bass)
Cyberpink cover

(Art: Samuel Bermudez)

The Cyberpink Blog

Stories about sci-fi, technology, cyber-style, and more. (Coming soon.)

Yep, What a World! GET CRUNCHED is the mind-bendingly thrilling (okay, mainly pretty-good) first 25-page installment in the new Cyberpink series from P.A. Lopez, author of RNWY: A Space Adventure. And it’s only 99 cents, making this the best day of your life. If you......

Science fiction for a long time has been a source of entertainment for us. We like to imagine a world that is unlike ours. The struggles characters must go through, e.g., in a cyberpink setting, certainly add drama and fun to science fiction. However, sci-fi......

Here we see the CP girls on a lazy Sunday, unable to decide whether to watch Monsoons of Desire, preacher Lenny Alrich, or an endless commercial for everyone’s favorite bio-cola: Crunch Cola. GET CRUNCHED!!!!...